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For Father Ted fans, there is no better place to take a break than Kilfenora.

As well as being a serious contender for the friendliest village in the world, Kilfenora was the setting for many key Ted moments.

"Speed 3", voted the fans' favourite episode of all time in a Channel 4 poll, was almost entirely shot in the village.

The site for the roundabout, which Dougal circled for hours in his milk float attempting to thwart the plans of the dastardly Pat Mustard, lies between two of the villages three pubs, Nagles and Linnanes.

Proceed up the Lisdoonvarna Road and you have the site for the mobile mass, Ted and his religious cohorts' best plan for saving Dougal from the milkfloat bomb.

Here you will also find the houses where Pat Mustard planted his seeds and where Dougal was greeted on his round by those women "in the nip".

Further down the road is where Ted frantically moved the empty boxes from one side of the street to the other.

If "Think Fast Father Ted" is your favourite episode, then you can visit the community hall. It doubled as the Crag Disco where the hapless priest DJ only had the one record - Ghost Town by The Specials.

It was here too that Dougal finally caught on and announced that he had the winning ticket for the car - number eleven!

Vaughans pub and barn, situated right next door to the hostel, also played an important role in several episodes. The barn was the venue for the "King of the Sheep" contest in "Chirpy Burpy Cheep Sheep". If you ask nicely, they might show you the original sign that lies behind the stage.

And in Vaughans bar itself you will find none other than Michael Leahy, the barman who announced "This bar is closed" in "Are You Right There Father Ted?"

Fans will remember this as the immensely popular episode in which Father Ted is condemned as a racist. His attempts to prove otherwise are conducted in and around the bar, the hub of Craggy Island's Chinese Community (plus one Maori). Yes, the Chinese, a great bunch of lads.

If you wish to go further afield, the Father Ted house is only a few miles away near the neighbouring village of Kilnaboy. Just watch out for the randy dalmation…

Tedheads from around the world are sure to find a warm welcome in Kilfenora, the village that embraces its role in one of the biggest and best cult sitcoms of all time. So come on, what's keeping you? We're all going to heaven lads!

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